The Spirit of Collaboration

Hamilton Collaborative Family Lawyer Promoting Cooperative Divorce

Collaborative family law is a private, respectful, solution-oriented approach to separation and divorce.

Hamilton Mediator Enabling Mutual Family Law Agreements

Mediation is another cooperative approach to settlement of family law issues. One neutral mediator works with the parties directly to help them reach an agreement in principle.

Helping You Manage Conflict

Shaping Agreeable Family Law Resolution

Family Law Solutions helps clients achieve creative, mutually acceptable solutions to the conflicts resulting from separation and divorce by recognizing, respecting, and advancing the needs of the parents and their children.

During separation and divorce, emotions run high. The process of dealing with family law issues can be bewildering, confusing, and traumatic. You may not be able to avoid conflict at this difficult time, but you can choose how to manage conflict with your partner. You can choose to resolve family law conflict in a principled, respectful, and dignified manner.

Avoid Court

Manage family law problems through collaborative family law, mediation, or traditional lawyer-to-lawyer settlement negotiations.

Minimize impact to children

Resolve family law conflict in a principled, respectful, and dignified manner.

Your Family, Your Way

Family Law Solutions works with you and guides you through the process of separation and divorce. We will help you retain control over important decisions affecting your family. We will help you find the answers to your questions, like:

  • How will my partner and I effectively parent our children after separation and divorce?
  • How will we both support our children and ourselves?
  • How will we divide our property and share our debts?

About Kimberley

Kimberley is a collaborative family law lawyer and mediator with a compassionate approach. She guides families with grace and empathy while drawing on creativity and innovation through various alternate dispute resolution approaches.

Kimberley understands the real financial, practical, and emotional challenges you are facing in your family law matter. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do or where to turn. Kim will guide you through a collaborative or mediation process, identifying the things you need to be thinking about and supporting you as you move forward, making the best possible decisions for you and your family. She will work alongside you in a cost-effective way, to help you reach your goals and move on with your life with positivity and intention.

Hamilton Collaborative Family Lawyer

Ancaster Divorce Lawyer & Family Mediator Helping You Craft Enduring Solutions

Family law can be complicated. You may feel overwhelmed and vulnerable. Your family may experience painful emotions, financial upheaval, and changes to routines at home, work, and school. You need good legal advice. You need an experienced and compassionate family law professional.

Experienced Hamilton collaborative family lawyer and family mediator Kimberley Vooro established Family Law Solutions to help separating and divorcing couples create mutually acceptable and enduring solutions to family law problems. Family Law Solutions helps families going through the difficult and stressful process of separation and divorce. We take a constructive, respectful, and caring approach to separation and divorce – an approach that considers the clients’ feelings, serves their important interests, and restructures family relationships.

Working With You Towards Positive Family Law Solutions

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