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Shaping Agreeable Family Law Resolution

Family Law Solutions helps families going through the difficult and stressful process of separation and divorce.

“Every conflict reflects what each person most needs to learn in that moment.”

— Kenneth Cloke

Family Law Solutions helps clients achieve creative, mutually acceptable solutions to the conflicts resulting from separation and divorce by recognizing, respecting, and advancing the needs of the parents and their children.

During separation and divorce, emotions run high. The process of dealing with family law issues can be bewildering, confusing, and traumatic. You may not be able to avoid conflict at this difficult time, but you can choose how to manage conflict with your partner. You can choose to resolve family law conflict in a principled, respectful, and dignified manner.

Our Ancaster divorce mediator and family lawyer helps clients manage family law problems through collaborative family law, mediation, or traditional lawyer-to-lawyer settlement negotiations.

Avoid court by choosing Family Law Solutions for collaborative family law, mediation, or traditional negotiations between lawyers. These processes allow separating and divorcing couples to avoid litigating their private disputes in court. Litigation is a contested, public process leading to a determination of the issues in family court. In court proceedings, spouses and parents become adversaries.

Their lawyers are advocates for their respective positions. The parties themselves participate in the court process in a limited way (which can allow parties to avoid taking ownership of their own part in the conflict). Hearings take place in open court. Personal, sometimes sensitive, information about family life and details of family finances are accessible to the public. Following a hearing, a judge’s conclusions about parenting and decision-making, support, and property division issues are incorporated into temporary or final orders. The parties must comply with the terms imposed or face further litigation and sanctions, including legal costs payable by “the winner” to “the loser”, adding insult to injury.

Family Law Solutions will provide dedicated and effective services to help you achieve a settlement without court so you retain control over important decisions affecting your family. We will provide referrals through our network of professional contacts for additional services you may need. These may include individual or group counseling, credit or financial restructuring advice, real estate appraisals, and other property valuations.

Call or contact Family Law Solutions today to arrange a free consultation at no obligation to you. Find out how our Ancaster divorce mediator can facilitate your divorce and help you manage conflict during this stressful process.

Working With You Towards Positive Family Law Solutions

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